The Stella Maris Concert Choir performed the world premiere of Russil Alden's Kyrie during it's 2019 Passion Sunday Concert. Mr. Alden, a member of the choir's bass section composed the piece as part of his advanced music studies. Mr. Alden, also a accomplished guitarist, has been with the choir for more than six years. The choir's director, Trudi Stammer, said she was thrilled to be able to present the composition at the Lenten concert and was very happy with the choir's handling of a piece. Mr. Alden says he has been encouraged by the reception of his piece and is now working on some other classic prayers of the Christian liturgy, including an Agnus Dei.  The choir's performance of the Kyrie is available on the choirs Youtube Channel  HERE

Our Christmas Concert this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. A wonderful advance story of about the concert appeares in this week's Peace Arch News


The Stella Maris Concert Choir is making plans for it's fourth European Tour, to take place in mid-summer 2017. This year's tour will, for the first time, take the choir to Italy and Spain. Plans are already well underway for performances in Rome (possibly at the Vatican), Assisi and Florence. Less certain, but also in the works, is the possiblity of performances in Spain, most notably in the city of Barcelona.


The Stella Maris Concert Choir has benefited greatly from it's tour programs in the past. Individual members find personal reward not only through the opportunity to travel but also to evangelize through music.  Our tours place a special demand on every individual to sing and perform at the very best and the result is always gratifying the choir and its audiences.


If you have a basic knowledge of music and enjoy singing you may want to consider joining our choir. There's still plenty of time to become part of what promises to be a wonderful European experience. While preparing for our usual concerts (Christmas and Easter) the choir intermingles practice with selections to be used during our tours.

Our choir enjoyed a wonderful concert this past Remembrance Day. By all accounts a very large crowd were extremely pleased with the performance. We want to thank Alex Browne and the Peace Arch News for their excellent advance coverage our concert; coverage that included a reference to our recent Italy Tour.

The Stella Maris Concert Choir will perform a Remembrance Day concert in 2016 on the last Sunday before Remembrance Day. The choir began what has become a semi-annual tradition almost six years ago. The concerts, accompanied by a slide show and short readings attempt to evoke a sense of respect and thankfulness for all those who have sacrificed their lives in the cause of peace. As has been our tradition in past years, all military veterans are invited to attend the concert for free. Funds raised are committed to charity, especially towards children who are suffering the effects of poverty or war in more unfortunate parts of the world.


This year's concert will contain a number of new selections by the choir in addition to favourites from past years.

The concernt will be performed on Sunday, November 6th at 3pm, at Good Shepherd Church.

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